Lake of Venus

Lake of Venus

What about the Lake of Venus? This place is simply the most loved by many locals for a variety of reasons.  An ancient landslide created the Lake of Venus, a body of water which is almost always calm that offers protection for huge quantities of fish, snorkelling at the Lake of Venus is unforgettable!  The boulders that hundreds of years ago broke away from the mountain reached the sea and with an almost mathematical precision formed a circle that has taken the name of the Lake of Venus. The path to reach this magical place is unique amongst ancient ash trees from which the sap (manna) used to be collected for it's sweetness and to use as a laxative. There are some narrow passages but it's never dangerous.

Ask us for more details at reception if you want to reach the Lake of Venus!

Coordinates for Lake of Venus 38.150910, 12.778893

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199 Pier Santi Mattarella Street

91010 San Vito Lo Capo

Sicily, Italy

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