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Hello everyone Im Marco Peralta, born and raised in Sicily. Im a traveler that thinks with his own mind. Traveling has helped me to raise consciousness and understand why there are so many troubles in the world; itís time to create what I think can help make the world a better place and elevate its consciousness... We are sharing together this little tiny moment called life, here and now you and me are in this awesome blue planet that circles around a huge ball of fire, isnít this amazing? ï Another amazing thing I believe is that we have to look after the blue planet :)

My family and I are trying to create what is going to be the very first youth hostel in a little town called San Vito lo Capo in Sicily. Our idea is to help the blue planet while making a living and yes, your help will be very well appreciated :)

There are many ways to take care of the Earth and create consciousness. What we're going to do once we start the hostel is raise money for projects like: Reforestation (which is the one I care the most) in Sicily and support other reforestation projects around the world- Recycling workshops: to learn how to recycle instead of throwing away - Bee workshops: to learn the amazing world of the most important insect on this planet - Building workshops: to learn alternative ways of building using natural materials - Food workshops: to learn how to choose food well, what to absolutely avoid for the benefits of your health and the benefits of the planet. All the workshops are going to be free, so travelers and locals can gather at the hostel and learn from each other. At the hostel we will use only 99% biodegradable soaps. We are using solar panels to warm up our water. We are collecting raining water. We will organize "baratto" events where people can exchange things in order to prevent waste. We will give free language courses to both the local people, including italian lessons to visitors of our hostel. We will only promote sustainable tours and activities.

This is just the beginning of my/our/your project because if you are reading this, it means already a lot to me. You are getting to know us and you are getting to know our projects and Iím already doing what I really want, creating consciousness. This is the begin of our friendship :)
Your financial investment would guarantee the complition of the dream in time for this year's season. San Vito lo Capo still has a big requirement for provinding responsible accomodation. Help the start of this dream and we will continue to maximize our effort to help the blue planet for many years to come.


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Via Pier Santi Mattarella, 199

91010 San Vito Lo Capo

Sicilia, Italia

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